Village Head Malonje who hails from the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Malemia in Zomba district has requested YONECO to strategize on having frequent parenting sessions in her area.

The traditional leader made the request during a Positive Parenting Skills Session which YONECO, through the Tithandizane Helpline Services department, conducted in her village.

The session was organized to support parents to enhance their connections with their children and to promote positive growth and development. Positive parenting skills are critical in preventing juvenile delinquency and other unruly behaviours like drug and alcohol abuse among young people.

Parents were also reminded of their duty to protect and respond to the needs of their children. On this issue, community members echoed the fact that all street connected children have parents or relatives who simply neglected them.

YONECO Counsellors who facilitated the session shared various toll-free lines that are operated by the Tithandizane National Helpline Services namely; the GBV Crisis Line, 5600; Child Helpline, 116; the Youth Helpline 393 and the Drug and Substance Abuse Hotline.

In response to a request which the village head made during the session, YONECO Helpline team facilitated the establishment of two community parenting circles whose facilitators will be elected by the community members themselves.


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