On 24 September 2022, YONECO Helpline Services Department conducted a Food and Nutrition awareness session at Mtewa Village in the area of Group Village Head (GVH) Chopi, Traditional Authority (T/A) Malemia in Zomba district.

The session was aimed at sensitizing community members on how to enhance nutritional status of children and expectant women as well as lactating mothers.

It has been noted that many community members in Malawi believe that only rich people can afford to have balanced meals. It is against this background that the Tithandizane Helpline Services Department saw the need to properly sensitize community members on how they can ably manage their wellbeing within their means.

The session facilitators further emphasized on the importance of Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF) which is mostly ignored by lactating mothers due to various sociocultural beliefs that are perseverant among various groups of people in the society.

The facilitators also publicized various toll- free lines which the Tithandizane Helpline Services operate in a bid to enhance the rights and welfare of the youth, women and children in Malawi..

The session was attended by 35 community members of which 5 were men and 30 were women


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