Alcohol and substance abuse usually cause an array of challenges including mental and physical health problems among the abusers. Subsequently, the society has its share of socioeconomic problems as well which directly emanate from the continuous need to deal with the various consequences of alcohol and drug abuse.

Heartrendingly, many young people fail to successfully transition into adulthood as they fall into the alcohol and substance abuse trap at a tender age due to issues of self-esteem and misinformation. It is against this background that YONECO, with funding from NCA-DCA, is currently implementing a project which is aimed at empowering young people to fight against drug and substance abuse.

Among other things, YONECO is strengthening community response systems, equipping the youth with various life skills to resist negative peer pressure as well as raising awareness about the dangers of drug and substance abuse.

As one of way of ensuring that young people have access to support services, YONECO has a toll-free hotline which operates 24 hours and provides referrals services and telephone counselling services on issue pertaining to drug and substance abuse.


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