My name is Larah Mbewe, currently in my final year at The University of Malawi (UNIMA), Pursuing Bachelor of Arts Media for Development.

I joined YONECO on the 29th of August 2022 as an Intern in the Media and Communications Department so that I can gain some knowledge and experience in this field and other fields that are present at YONECO for the next six months of my internship.

In the few weeks that I have been here, I have so far learnt different techniques and approaches to communication. I have learnt how to develop articles for various platforms, be it print and digital publications, social media management such as scheduling posts on Facebook, developing messages for various campaigns, developing concept notes as well as being tasked to take professional pictures during activities and events.

I was also entrusted to support a parenting session at Malonje Village in Zomba where parents were encouraged to develop positive relationship bonds with their children under The Helpline Department. Furthermore, I am learning the basics of website management.

I am very grateful for this opportunity that was granted to me because I am learning a lot and I am fully convinced that by the end of my internship period I will have learnt so much and I will go out to the world ready to face what the industry has to offer.

I would like to urge young people who have finished their undergrad and have not found anything to do yet to try and apply for internships at organizations close to them because this is where they will gain more knowledge and where they will be exposed to what the industry is all about, and to students that are being sent by their schools to do these attachments to not take this for granted but to make proper use of this opportunity.


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