Children have the right to good and quality education. However, a number of factors prevent others like street connected children from equally enjoying this right.

It is against this background that YONECO has introduced mobile school learning sessions around the streets of Mchesi township in the capital city of Malawi – Lilongwe.

Mobile School is a way of providing non-formal education to children who have little or no access to education. Thus, the tool ignites their interest to learn as it provides a platform for self-discovery and expression of the challenges they experience.

Many children expressed their interest and support to the Mobile School initiative. Further to this, many adults from the area described the initiative as an opportunity for vulnerable children to learn how to read and write.

In his remarks, the chairperson for Mchesi Trading Centre stated that all community members have seen the value which the tool has in terms of transforming the lives of vulnerable children. The chairperson further added that his team will mobilize more children to benefit from the initiative as well


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