Youth leadership sessions, among other things, prepare young people to effectively manage time, understand group dynamics and work in a team, set clear goals and work to achieve them.

Thus, on 16 November, 2022, officers from the Tithandizane Helpline Services department conducted a leadership session that was attended by 36 students from Islamic High School in Zomba.

The session focused on team work, time management, setting personal and career goals as well as building self-esteem.

During the session, the youth stated that they are afraid of getting involved in decision making process due to lack of knowledge and aptitude to contribute positively. The session facilitators encouraged the students to read more, stay in touch what is happening around them and seek support from adults in order to understand various socioeconomic spheres of life.

“Fear of failure and being laughed at always hold us back. However, this session has really helped us to understand that we are leaders of today and tomorrow so much that if we remain dormant, others will keep on leading on our behalf,” explained one of the leaners.

YONECO also provides youth mentorship sessions in all its Youth Drop-In-Centres (DICs) across Malawi.


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