According to data from YONECO’s Tithandizane Helpline Services, Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases tend to spike during the festive season due to a number of factors including substance abuse and overindulgence in alcohol. The available information shows that GBV is mainly perpetrated against women and girls.

Thus, the Tithandizane Helpline Services Department has embarked on community engagement meetings that are aimed at strengthening community social protection systems in a bid prevent the occurrence of abuse cases this festive season.

On 17 December 2022, officers from the Tithandizane Helpline Services Department conducted one of the community engagement sessions on GBV at Mwandiyesamwana Village, in the area of Groups Village Head (GVH) Mnyanya, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mwambo in Zomba district.

During the session, community members were encouraged to report GBV cases to relevant authorities and ensure that the survivors are accessing psychosocial support. In addition to this, the people who attended the session were also made aware of various reporting channels, forms of GBV and the spillover effect that emanates from the vice to various spheres of life.

Tithandizane Helpline Services provides information to the youth on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) issues and responds to GBV and VAC cases. The service has the following toll-free lines which operate 24 hours every day; Child Helpline – 116, GBV Crisis Line 5600, Youth Helpline – 393, and a drug and substance abuse hotline which is accessible on 6600.


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