On 10 January, 2023, YONECO presented issues that are negatively impacting on children’s education around Bumba Zone in Rumphi district during a meeting that was attended by various education stakeholders and authorities in the district.

The issues were presented before the Primary Education Advisor (PEA), members of various Parents Teachers Associations, Mother Groups and School Management Committees (SMCs) in a bid to seek collective actions to address the challenges.

Through various engagement sessions which YONECO has been having with parents and leaners, it has been noted that children from needy households are sent back from school due to failure to pay School Development Funds. Consequently, this has also led an increase in the number of street-connected children in the area. Further to this, it has been reported that there is an increase in the number of young people who abscond from school due to drug and alcohol abuse.

During the deliberations, the authorities and stakeholders agreed to identify the most vulnerable children so that they should be linked to various service providers. It was also agreed that schools should stop chasing children from school because of non-payment of development funds but instead, engage the concerned parents.

Lastly, chairpersons of various Village Development Committee (VDCs) avowed to initiate development projects that would help to contribute towards the creation of conducive learning environments for children in their designated areas.

Currently, YONECO is chairing the Rumphi District Education Network.


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