YONECO, in collaboration with the Malawi Police Service, held a road safety session on 20 January, 2023 at Kalambwe Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mkumbira in Nkhata Bay district.

The purpose of the session was to educate the schoolchildren on how to safely cross the main road to and from school, and to give them an understanding of the various road signs and how they are used to protect both motorists and pedestrians.

A total of 372 learners, 179 boys and 193 girls, attended the session and they were instructed by Road Traffic Officers. The leaners were taught how to look both ways when crossing the road, how to use designated crosswalks, and other safety measures. The officers also explained the meaning of the various road signs and how they help to keep everyone safe on the roads.

Overall, the session was a success and the children demonstrated that they greatly understood the importance of road safety. YONECO and the Malawi Police Service are hopeful that these sessions will contribute towards reducing the number of road accidents involving children.


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