As Cholera disease continues to spread across Malawi, YONECO has embarked on sensitization campaigns which are targeting primary and secondary school students on prevention of the disease.

Among other sessions, YONECO reached out to 350 students from around Ntaja area in Machinga district with awareness messages through various Interpersonal Communication strategies. The students who have been engaged have also been encouraged to share the information with their peers and relatives.

The Cholera case in Machinga was confirmed on 3 March, 2022 and since then, over 801 cases have been recorded with 33 fatalities. At national level, a cumulative figure of over 29, 360 cases have been reported and a total of 960 deaths as of 22 January, 2023.

Despite a number of efforts by the Malawi government, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and various development partners to contain the disease, there is still need for more support to strengthen the efforts.


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