On February 21, 2023, YONECO field officers held a highly informative and engaging awareness session at GVH Malengamzizi, T/A Kalumo in Ntchisi District. The objective of the session was to raise awareness among community members on human rights, the different types of abuse, and the impact of climate change on their lives.

During the session, the YONECO team shared Tithandizane National Helplines’ toll-free numbers with the community members, encouraging them to report any violations of human rights or incidents of abuse.

The community members were actively engaged throughout the session, asking questions and sharing their experiences. The CBO chairperson for Malengamzizi supported the session and commended YONECO for their efforts in promoting human rights and environmental conservation.

The YONECO team made an impressive presentation, emphasizing the significance of human rights and how they relate to everyday life. They elaborated on the importance of protecting human rights, promoting gender equality, and the dangers of any form of abuse. The team also highlighted the available channels that community members can use to report any violations of human rights or incidents of abuse.

The session also delved into the effects of climate change, and the team demonstrated how it impacts the environment and human life. They provided practical solutions that could help mitigate the effects of climate change, such as planting trees, promoting sustainable farming, and reducing waste.

A total of 102 community members attended the session, with 61 females and 41 males in attendance. At the end of the session, the GVH Malengamzizi recommended that YONECO return to Ntchisi and warned his people that he would take action against any abuse that occurred in his area. Additionally, he encouraged community members to plant more trees around their villages and along the riverbank to combat climate change.


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