Vendors, being a highly mobile and busy group, often face challenges in accessing essential services and vital information. Their constant movement and busy schedules can create a knowledge gap, leaving them unaware of important aspects of life. Recognizing this issue, YONECO took proactive steps to address the needs of vendors by conducting Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) sessions at Ntaja Trading Centre. 

The primary objective of these sessions was to sensitize vendors about family planning services and Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs). The importance of these health services was emphasized as crucial for their well-being and future plans. 

By raising awareness about SRHR, YONECO aimed to promote informed decision-making and enable vendors to prioritize their health amidst their busy business endeavors. 

During the sessions, Elizabeth Kalua, one of the participants, highlighted the significance of seeking family planning and STI services, both for individuals and couples. Recognizing that good health is vital for the success of their businesses, Elizabeth urged her fellow vendors to take advantage of the available medical support. 

In addition to medical services, participants were encouraged to seek peer education and counseling services related to their health whenever necessary. This focus on peer support ensures that vendors have access to guidance and assistance even in the absence of formal health services. 

The vendors warmly appreciated YONECO for organizing these educational sessions, recognizing their importance and relevance to their lives. The sessions were deemed educative and provided valuable information that the vendors may not have otherwise accessed due to their busy lifestyles. 

A total of 22 vendors (16 males and 6 females) participated in the SRHR sessions, indicating the positive impact of the initiative. By equipping vendors with knowledge and awareness about their sexual and reproductive health, YONECO contributed to empowering them to make informed decisions, safeguard their health, and secure a healthier future. 


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