From 8 to 9 August 2023, partners of Ufulu Wanga Project held a two-day information-sharing workshop that implementing partners had at Naming’azi Training Centre in Zomba.

The workshop was conducted to raise awareness and educate participants about the condition, provide accurate and up-to-date information about albinism, debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding albinism, and promote understanding of individuals living with the condition and their rights.

Participants expressed confidence in their ability to engage with stakeholders and community members, as well as effectively communicate the various key human rights issues under the Ufulu Wanga Project.

Boniface Massa and Saulos Mhlanga, Executive Directors of Standing Voice and Beyond Skincare, respectively, attended the workshop. Further to this, YONECO Helpline Counsellors and YFM personnel also participated in the workshop.

Ufulu Wanga Project, which is being funded by the European Union (EU), is being implemented by a consortium of three organizations namely; Standing Voice, Beyond Skincare, and YONECO. The project is aimed at promoting the rights and welfare of people with albinism in the targeted areas. Thus, the project interventions focus on enhancing justice for people with albinism, providing counselling support services, and educating the community on the rights of people with albinism.


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