YONECO participated in a district commemoration event for the 2023 Day of African Child (#DoAC) that was held today at Tafika CBO Ground in Blantyre.

In his speech, Councilor Mike Maliti, the Chairperson for Blantyre City Council, voiced his apprehension about the increasingly detrimental effects of digital technology on children. Maliti highlighted that children are being exposed to adult content through various online platforms, leading to an alarming rise in both child marriages and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Councilor Maliti also recognized the beneficial impact of modern technology in enhancing access to information and promoting child education, while acknowledging its potential for even greater contributions in the future.

The Day of the African Child is observed annually on 16 June. Following the main commemoration, stakeholders hold their individual events on any given date of their choice. The theme for this year’s DoAC is ‘Rights of the Child in the Digital Environment’.


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