YONECO organized a two-day session on human rights at Rumphi Youth Drop-in Centre that was aimed at educating children about the freedoms they have and their associated responsibilities.
The session was held on 27 and 28, October 2023, with a focus on dispelling a common misconception among some children that they solely possess rights without any corresponding obligations.
The session was lively, with various creative activities and group assignments. Among other things, some groups were tasked to list down the rights that children have, and others were assigned to pick from there and align each freedom with its associated responsibility. The responses from the children who participated in the session were great and provided an opportunity for the facilitators to fill the knowledge gaps that were identified.
One of the session facilitators, Larah Mbewe, explained that it is imperative to instill a sense of responsibility in children and teach them how to exercise their rights responsibly as they grow.
Human rights education sessions are among the key generic activities for young people that are conducted in YONECO Youth Drop-in Centre which the organization established in various districts across Malawi.
A total of 28 children from the vicinity of Rumphi Youth Drop-in Centres attended the education session.

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