The BEFIT program in Malawi, spearheaded by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with various
partners is emerging as a resounding success, transforming the educational landscape in Rumphi

District. Among the triumphant stories deep in the Livingstonia mountains is Lwatizi Primary School, an
active beneficiary in the programme since its inception in September 2023.

Frank Msiska, a proud parent of two from Lwatizi, has witnessed immediate impact of the BEFIT
programme on his child’s education. With the introduction of tablets into the learning environment, Msiska has observed a remarkable shift in his child’s attitude towards education. The child’s enthusiasm for attending classes and punctuality has notably increased, reflecting a newfound eagerness for learning.

In Msiska’s account, his child not only embraces the technology but also eagerly shares post-school stories about the tablet-operating experience and the instructional content it provides. This engagement not only reinforces the child’s connection with education but also fosters a more interactive and participatory learning experience.

Msiska points out tangible improvements in literacy and numeracy skills among students at Lwatizi. Notably, advancements in Chichewa proficiency stand out as a crucial aspect. The program has successfully enhanced the learners’ ability to understand and read Chichewa, providing them with a solid foundation for academic success.

Expressing his satisfaction, Msiska emphasizes that the BEFIT programme has been a catalyst for positive change.

He advocates for the programme’s continuity, highlighting its role in fostering academic growth and skills development among the students. His call for the expansion of the program to other schools demonstrates a collective desire to extend these benefits to a broader spectrum of learners.

Through the strategic integration of technology, the program has not only elevated academic performance, but it has also ignited a passion for learning among learners, laying the groundwork for a brighter future


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