Dear Esteemed Readers,

I would like to start this entry with a conversation I had with Mr. Gracium Chithonje, YONECO’s Finance Officer, over work performance issues. In his reflections, he said it would be necessary for employees to contemplate whether they would hire someone with their attitude, work approach, and performance and alike if they were an employer. In other words, would we employ ourselves in our current state? He sounded very philosophical maybe because he is a pastor. I found his line of thinking very interesting and inspiring.

We seriously need to reflect on whether we are in government offices, working in NGOs or managing our businesses. “In our current state as an employee of the organizations or company we are working for; would we employ ourselves in the organization or company? Would the organization or company move forward? What would it take to move?” Would this be the reason why our business fails to thrive? We have restaurants that open at 08:00am and close at 04:45pm and expect to make the same amount of money as someone who opened at 05:00am and closed at 09:00pm.

Our approach to work, business and life in general leaves a lot to be desired. The majority of us develop plans for our bosses and supervisors and have no clue how useful this is in our lives. We seriously have to reflect on these matters. It is so unfortunate that for every wrong, we point fingers at the government, leaders or the president. Others will say it is about leadership. But do we also perceive ourselves as part of those leaders?

Over the last few weeks, we have been talking to young people about their visions and missions. The results have been devastating. A simple question of “What do you want to achieve when you reach 50 years?” has sent the majority of our young people packing with no clear direction. We are wondering whether this is a reflection of the current standards of our education or not. Mind you, there are young people with diplomas or degrees, and they have no clue in terms of what they want to become. We are asking ourselves whether career counselling is still operational or not. This poses a great threat to our young people because if they have no direction, then the country has no direction at all. Personal leadership development is fundamental and starts with “defining a personal vision and mission.” If one cannot define a personal direction, it means every direction is possible. Defining a personal vision means that you will channel all your energies to this vision and mission. In line with the Malawi Vision 2063, every individual has a contribution to make. Take time to reflect on your vision and mission and set targets for yourself.

As we move ahead, it is worth highlighting that Malawi has experienced El Nino which has seen the southern region and other parts of the central region being hit by drought. As we reflect on our operations, let us spend time on how we are going to support the affected areas and people. What plans do we have and how are we going to address the situations in the communities?

Allow me to conclude this entry by reminding everyone that March 3, 2024, is a day when we remember those who died for the liberation of Malawi. However, as we remember these heroes, we should also reflect on the recent developments in the political environments where we are seeing very retrogressive events of political party clashes. We are over 18 months to the Tripartite Elections Day, and it is so unfortunate that we have now begun witnessing political violence. We urge political party leaders and their supporters to refrain from inciting violence. Our goal should be to make Malawi a great nation and a real democratic state. Young people do not be used in these appalling acts.

Thank you and have an interesting read.


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