Malawi, just like many other countries across the globe, is grappling with the burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). According to the WHO, NCDs claim 41 million people annually, which is equivalent to 74 percent of all deaths globally. NCDs are the second leading cause of death among adults in Malawi.

Thus, in its quest to promote good health, YONECO organizes sessions in a bid to help community members control and prevent NCDs.

This week, YONECO’s district office team in Rumphi held NCD awareness sessions targeting both young and older women. The sessions were held in various spaces where women congregate, like hospital guardian shelters and marketplaces where women sell or buy vegetables.

The team mainly focused on NCDs like diabetes, heart disease, and others that are preventable by reducing their risk factors through healthy diets and increasing physical activity, among other things.

In total, the team managed to conduct a total of 10 sessions, reaching out to 613 people within this week.

Similar activities are also underway in the various districts where YONECO has offices, and the messages are further disseminated through YONECO FM (YFM) Radio Station, which has nationwide coverage.

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