Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) has launched girls football tournament in T/A Mposa Machinga district for Sexual Reproductive Health education and HIV prevention. A total of 10 teams will participate in a 2 week long football tournament. The tournament was launched on June 4th 2012 and will end on June 17th 2012. Each team was given 12 T – shirts and 1 football. Apart from these items, the winning teams shall be given assorted presents by Friends of YONECO. During the tournament various activities and awareness raising will be conducted on issues of HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence, Human Trafficking and Early Childhood Marriage.

T/A Mposa is believed to have the highest HIV prevalence rate than any other location in Malawi. YONECO Community Volunteers, Counsellors will be facilitating the awareness and will be responding to questions young people may have on issues that affect them. YONECO Children’s band and Cultural Troupe performed during the games and will perform again during the closing ceremonies of the tournament. The tournament has been sponsored by Friends of YONECO from Canada.


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