Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) with support from UNFPA conducted a number of outreach activities targeting adolescent girls in T/A Masache in Chikwawa and T/A Katuli in Mangochi districts. The outreach activities were aimed increasing adolescent girl’s access to Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights services and to publicize the National Child Helpline services as alternative source of information and counseling on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights related issues.

A number of stakeholders took part in the activities and they include; District Community Development Officer, Role Models (agricultural official -Irrigation Engineer Lower Shire), Police Officers from Victim support Units. NICE officials, Social welfare officers, Nurses from Chikhwawa District Health Office who provided planning and youth friendly health services.

During the outreach activities the following activities were conducted; information sharing sessions that included the Toll Free Tithandizane National Helpline’s role in SRH&R information dissemination, role modeling, Discussions and answering questions on Sexual Reproductive health, performances in traditional dances and choir by the adolescent girls and provision of services on family planning. UNFPA through UN Joint Programme on Adolescent Girls has been supporting YONECO in this initiative.


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