As a way of ensuring that it lives up to its motto; ‘the Real Voice of the Youth, Women and Children’, YONECO FM Radio Station (YFM) gives an opportunity to children between the ages of 8 to 15 to co-produce and present children-oriented radio programmes.

The Child Presenters enjoy their time on YFM airwaves every weekend through various programmes including the most popular ‘Ndife Ana’ (We are Children) Radio Programme.

Currently, YONECO has a total of 15 Child Presenters who use the radio as a channel for voicing out their rights as well as ‘being children’ by interacting with their fellow young people on the radio through phone-in and text message segments. Among other things; children recite poems, sing songs as well as share knowledge and pieces of advice.

YONECO FM is a brainchild of YONECO’s founding Executive Director – MacBain Mkandawire, who took off some minutes from his schedule to interact with children who participated in the auditions that were held on Thursday, 16 August, 2018. 10 children passed the auditions and they have joined the others in co-producing and presenting child-oriented radio programmes on YFM.

YONECO FM exists to promote the rights and welfare of the youth, women and children by amplifying their voices as well as brining to light the challenges they face and seeking redress from concerned authorities.




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