Community members around Balaka Youth Drop-in Centre (DIC) have commended YONECO for providing necessary services to young people through the facility.

Parents and guardians have applauded the efforts of YONECO which provides recreational materials as well as counseling services to young people.

Young people enjoy games like Table Tennis, pool as well as watching their favorite sports and educational TV channels. Further to this, the centre has a library which is stocked with various reading materials for the youth.

These activities have helped to ensure that young people are preoccupied with age-appropriate activities at the same time accessing counseling on sexual reproductive
health issues as well as awareness on dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.
One of the parents whose child frequents the DIC, Humphrey Makhuwira stated that the centre has helped a lot in the growth and development of his 1 2 year old son.

The DIC also offers free computer lessons to interested young people. Currently, over 1 5 young people have enrolled for the lessons.

Recently, YONECO has also managed to improve the services at the centre with support from the Segal Family Foundation through a project called ‘Integrating Youth Friendly Health Services in YONECO Drop-in Centres’.


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