In a drive to curb the fast spread of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Chiradzulu district, YONECO, through the Essential Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Services – Engender Health project has started engaging key stakeholders in the fight for better implementation of the project.On 16 August, 2018, YONECO made a tour of the Police Units in the two T/A’s of Likoswe and Kadewere where the project is being implemented to appreciate the progress that the department is making in addressing GBV issues in the district.

Emphasis was on the linkages that the Police Units have with the communities through the Community Victim Support Units (CVSU) which is a prerequisite for better corroboration. The team, comprising of YONECO and Engender Health officials visited Nguludi, Montfort and Thumbwe Police Units and a number of CVSUs.

In most of the Police Units, officers acknowledged that communities report different forms of GBV but are mostly minor and once taken to court officers lose track of them. It was also established that records of such are not filed at all since sometimes other survivors of GBV withdraw cases and opt to discuss them in the community.

The Project Coordinator for Essential GBV Prevention and Services, Rodrick Mwale, said the exercise is of utmost importance as it will enhance the working relationship between YONECO and the Police in Chiradzulu in protecting communities from GBV.

“This exercise has offered us an opportunity to assess the interventions of the Police units and CVSUs and this will enable us to bridge the gaps which we have identified together with our partners.

“This is an assurance that we will have a smooth implementation of the project since we have brought all the relevant stakeholders up to speed,” Mwale said.

The project whose main objective is to reduce GBV incidences and increase the coordination of multi-sectoral responders will run for 18 months and is being funded by USAID through Engender Health.


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