Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) on 24th December organized an end of year get together for children and youths at Mapale Drop in center (DIC) in Zomba and Lilongwe social rehabilitation Centre respectively.

The event at Mapale DIC was blessed with the presence of YONECO’S ED MacBain Mkandawire, who among other activities interacted with the children.

In his remarks during the event he advised the youth to stay away from bad behaviors that would lead them into trouble such as drug and substance abuse and unprotected sex.

He further urged parents to keep a closer eye on their children during the festive season.
The events was spiced up with performances like drama, poetry, dances and music from YONECO Children’s Band.

Among other interventions YONECO runs programs on Enhancing Child Development and Protection as well as Youth Development.

The institution also established Youth Drop in Centers where young people visit after school, the young people access life skills session, drug and substance abuse counselling, parenting and family support, psycho social support, art therapy , Adult literacy, sports, Youth friendly health services and Early childhood development.

In addition YONECO withdraws children from streets and link them to its Drop in Centers, the children are enrolled in school, provided with meals and attend various recreational facilities. Some interested young people undergo Music lessons and join YONECO Children’s Band which is the voice of young people and performs at various events national wide.


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