People who listened to the story of 22-year-old builder, Annie Chombo, who was featured on YONECO FM’s Chitukuko ndi Achinyamata Programme will never forget

how strong and focused the young lady is.
Annie is the only lady among 13 male colleagues who are currently constructing a maternity wing at Nsipe Health Centre in Ntcheu district.
In the programme, Annie explained the genesis of how she joined what most people perceive as a traditional job for men only. Annie challenged other young ladies and girls to take interest in technical works like carpentry, designing, tailoring, brick laying and alike.
Just like the renowned Nigerian musical duo – P Square stated, Annie also strongly believes that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do’ as well. Anne added that
through such technical jobs, ladies could easily earn a living and ably support their families.
Annie stated that when she was in secondary school, she wanted to become a police officer but things took another twist after she sat for her Malawi School
Certificate of Education (MSCE) Examination.
“What happened was that I became pregnant. Unfortunately, the man who impregnated me denied the responsibility,” she said.
Annie said she started struggling in many ways because as her parents, who are merely subsistence farmers, were unable to provide all her needs as an expectant person. Annie ventured into the business of selling sandstone just to manage a balanced meal as she was eating for two.
Annie noticed that all women and girls in her area preferred selling fritters, cakes or whatever they can cook or bake. As such, she noticed that there were a lot
of such commodities on the market hence a bit hard for one to earn enough money.
“This is when I firstly noted that I should infiltrate the male-dominated businesses and selling sandstone got my attention. I was the only female doing the business
out of 8 people”, explained Annie.
Sandstone is mainly used in construction. As such, she started learning a few things about construction and her interest grew big. Moving on, after delivering a bouncing baby girl, Annie applied for an opportunity to study Brick Laying at Chiradzulu Vocational Training Centre where, in January 2019, she became the only girl in a class of 26 students.
Currently, as schools are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, Anne is working as a temporary brick layer with a renowned condition companies in Ntcheu district.
“With the salary which I get here, I have managed to buy some tuition books and I am able to support my child and my parents” explained Annie.
Chitukuko ndi Achinyamata is a Radio programme that gives a platform to the youth to among other things; expose their talents and inspire fellow young people to take a positive path in life. The programme is aired every Tuesday from 01:30 PM.

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