We are blessed to have the World Literacy Day on 8 September 2020, a day after schools have opened after 5 months of closure. The day is focusing on teaching and learning in the COVID-19 era crisis and beyond especially on the role of educators and changing pedagogies. Quite convenient with the pandemic situation.

The theme is mainly dwelling on lifelong learning perspectives of the youth and adults. Acquiring knowledge is for every day, people are never too old to learn. Hence the need to ensure education is accessible to all men and women regardless of age. The fundamental question for parents, care giver and teachers is how do we rekindle the literacy and learning issues in the communities where children have over stayed at home.

We should also note that a higher number of girls and women are lured into being trafficked and other forms of abuse because of high illiteracy levels which come about as a result of lack of knowledge emanating from lack of awareness. Knowledge is power, let us empower our young girls and women by equipping them with the right information which goes back to making sure that our women and girls get an education.

A lot of crimes go unreported because of lack of cognizance. It is our responsibility through capitalizing on awareness to send out messages on the dangers of these malicious acts happening to our women and girls and this is a plea to different stakeholders, let us join hands.


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