About 120,000 young people between the ages of 15-24 are living with HIV. Young People Living with HIV (YPLH) are at a much higher risk of succumbing to an AIDS-related illness if their health is already poor due to a lack of proper diet.

Thus, with support from Egmond Trust under Investing for Impact on HIV and AIDS, YONECO has been working tirelessly to improve the nutrition and income of 300 households through the provision of seeds for soya bean and groundnut production.

So far, a number of households have benefitted from this initiative and they now own vegetable gardens and livestock.

Through this project, YONECO has also trained YPLH and their parents in financial literacy so that they can better manage their small scale businesses. In addition, this, YONECO is reaching out to thousands of people with educational sessions on HIV prevention and on the importance of taking medication for those who are HIV positive.


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