Today is Day 8 of 17 under the sub-theme Mitigate and Adapt to climate change. Climate change is a spectacle that will continuously impact the world in distinct times. In times of disaster, women are mostly affected and are subjected to poverty. Access to human rights, and acquiring basic needs are some of the challenges they face as well as systematic violence escalation during periods of instability.

As climate change intensifies, women will struggle the most. What strategies have we put in place to ensure that women receive support to cope with hazards of climate change?

YONECO has a toll free GBV crisis line accessible on 5600 open 24/7 for reports of any kinds of abuse happening to women, let us make use of this.

Violence happening to women should not go unreported. Also, let us set up mechanisms whereby women will not have to travel long distances to fetch firewood and safe water.


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