On 29 July, 2021, YONECO joined Machinga district stakeholders, partners and a number of community members in commemorating the Day of the African Child (DoAC) at Namalonje Primary

School in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Liwonde with the ultimate goal of accelerating Agenda 2040 for a continent fit for children.

The event started with a parade that was led by YONECO Children’s Band before the Guest of Honor – Senior Chief Kawinga and others in his company toured pavilions that were set to showcase child development interventions that are being implemented in the district. Speeches, poems, drama performances echoed and reinforced the commitments made towards improving the general wellbeing of children.
A marvel to watch was YONECO Cultural Troupe’s Chingande traditional dance that wiggled through nailing home messages on the need to create a society that is a safe and conducive haven for children. The traditional songs and dances were also fused with messages on prevention of COVID-19 as well as urging members to get vaccinated against the pandemic.
The ever green YONECO children’s band also dished out some songs to reinforce this year’s DoAC key thematic messages. The young stars cemented the need for building an Africa where a child can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace, be happy, aspire and attain goals.
The Day of an African Child is celebrated on June 16th every year since 1991. The commemoration is is aimed at raising awareness about the continuing need to improve the education provided to African children.
The Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the continuing need to improve the education of children living across Africa.

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