YONECO –www.yoneco.org – registered for the Global Giving Accelerator 2021 to get permanent memberships of the online donation platform to raise funds for the work we do. We are required to raise at least $5000 (about MK4,000,000) from a minimum of 40 different individuals domestically and internationally for our project Protect, Empower and Educate 1800 Girls in Malawi to qualify.
The project seeks to support for teen Mothers and Adolescent Girls have access to education by providing school materials, bursary, sanitation facilities, economic strengthening for the girls and running ECD for Children of Teen Mothers. People can donate any amount online from $5 or $10 dollars equivalent to MK5000 – MK10,000 to any amount one can afford through https://www.globalgiving.org/…/empower-educate-and…/…
The campaign starts today 13 September up to the 30th September. Please share to your networks and connections to contribute towards the initiative

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