As the year is drawing closer to an end, on 30 December, we supported 30 vulnerable children who frequent our Youth-Drop-in-Centre at Kazembe Township in Zomba City to have a retreat at Zomba mountain. The group comprised of children who were withdrawn from the streets, orphans and others from vulnerable households.
The retreat was organized to help the children cerebrate and refresh during the festive holiday and to create an alternative platform for learning and sharing necessary life skills.
Among other interesting places around the mountain, the children visited William’s Falls, Sunbird Chawe Hotel, and, Mulunguzi Dam. At Chawe Hotel, the children learnt how the establishment operates and the various services that are available for both children and adults. Members of staff from the Southern Region Water Board also welcomed the children at Mulunguzi Dam which suppliers water to the residents of Zomba city. The children learnt how the dam is managed and the processes that are involved to treat the water before being supplied to the users.
The children also had time to learn and interact with some youth officers from YONECO on leadership, group dynamics, life skills, gender equality and the dangers of drug and substance abuse among other things.

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