Flood survivors in various camps in Chikwawa are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases and malaria if no assistance is provided to them urgently.
Speaking to YFM Online, the survivors at Nkhwazi and M’dala camps said they have inadequate mosquito nets and that they do not have access to clean water, and sanitation facilities as they lost everything to Cyclone ANA.
According to Nduzayani Sitolo, a pregnant woman at Md’ala camp, clean water is needed to prevent a diarrhea infection which if not careful can cause distress and harm her unborn child.
“My appeal to those providing humanitarian support is that they should also bring us mosquito nets because we are sleeping without them and this also poses a threat to some of us who are pregnant,” Sitolo said.
Concurring with Sitolo, Group Village Head Kanseche 2 said his people need Chlorine to treat water but also additional toilets.
“My people are suffering,just imagine there are three toilets on this camp against 505 families.”
Nkhwazi camp has not been spared and Senior Group Village Head Nkhwazi said they are 3731 families against two toilets.
Senior Group Village Head Nkhwazi said his people are at risk and some have resorted to open defecation.
Reported by Lisa Lamya – Chikwawa

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