Today, 14th February 2022 is Valentine’s Day and a lot of relationships will be tested because of this day. So many will feel entitled to romantic gifts, outings, you name it. Some will be ending their relationships before the day so that they should not get pressured into spending money they do not even have. Some will resort to cheating with those they believe can afford to make them feel special during the day. Some will be extremely depressed, and beating themselves up for not being able to flaunt on social media like other people.

Some young girls will get pregnant while boys or men will make girls pregnant. Some will get Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) including HIV. Some will get “Katapila” to buy gifts for their loved ones and live a life of misery because of Valentine’s Day. Some will have stolen the money from their work place to buy an expensive gift for their loved one only to lose the job a few days after Valentine’s Day. See what damage just a single day can do to people? Most people use Valentine’s Day to show off to others instead of actually celebrating their love.

14th February is just an ordinary day. Do not let societal pressure make you lose focus on what is important. If both of you can afford to go out then feel free to, but if not then it is still okay. Take it as an ordinary day, be happy for those who got spoilt without comparing their partners to yours. You absolutely do not need Valentine’s Day to shower your partner with love. You do not even need to spend a single cent to do so. Take a walk, chat, send each other flirty texts, and talk to each other nicely. If you are at a distance, frequent check ins and calls – the list is endless. Love does not always have to be material based.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day


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