In October 2021, YONECO, with financial support from Egmond Trust, provided portable ground nuts grinders to four Youth Support Groups from the area of Sub Traditional Authority (STA), Tsikulamowa in Ntcheu District.
The intervention was aimed at contributing towards economic wellbeing and positive health outcomes among Young People Living with HIV (YPLWH) in the area. Thus, apart from adding value to the groundnuts which the group cultivates, the machine is also used to produce groundnuts flour for other commercial farmers in the area at a fee.
In addition to this, The members of the youth support group also use the groundnuts flour as an ingredient in their meals.
In the last six months, Senzani Youth Support Group, realized a net profit of total of MK 950,000 from selling ground nuts flour and grinding the nuts for other members of the community. Other three youth support groups from the area got profits ranging from MK 250,000 to MK 400,000 through the same ventures.
“As young people, we are happy that we have moved to a level where we never excited to reach. We have now seen that we can achieve anything so long as we are committed towards the goal,” explained Rhoda Banda, one of the members of Senzani Youth Support Group.
YONECO equipped the groups with all the necessary skills in business management and financial literacy. Through this initiative, YONECO managed to facilitate the formulation of 17 other Youth Support Groups around Senzani area in the district.

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