YONECO engaged leaners at St Denis Primary school in Rumphi district on child protection issues in order to ensure that children have adequate information pertaining to their rights and responsibilities.
Children from Rumphi district are exposed with various forms of abuse both at school and in their designated communities. Key to this is the fact that many children are not aware of various reporting mechanisms that are available in Malawi. Heartrendingly, the abuse and violence which is being perpetrated against children leads into increased cases of child marriages, school dropout rates, as well as delinquent behaviors among children.
During the session, learners were sensitized on their rights and responsibilities. Among other things, the leaners were oriented on their right to education, health and protection.
The session also provided an opportunity to the leaners to speak out on issues that affect them.
The session facilitators further underlined the importance of reporting cases of abuse which children are subjected to at various levels. In relation to this, the leaners were also introduced to various reporting channels including the toll-free Tithandizane Child Helpline.
Similar sessions have also been scheduled in other schools across the district.

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