YONECO conducted door-to-door orientation sessions for women on gender and human rights around Chikalamba Village, Traditional Authority(T/A) Chikulamayembe in Rumphi district.
The activity was organized after it was noted that women from the targeted area face a number of challenges in their lives due to various socio-cultural factors which fuel inequalities among men and women. Among other things, women are compelled by culture and social norms to accept polygamous marriages.
However, most men who marry more than one spouse find themselves financially challenged to support the wives. Ironically, women face a lot of problems when they attempt to participate various income generating activities.
As such, the sessions further focused on addressing the factors that were fuel gender disparities among men and women in the area. Women were also sensitized on the advantages of Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA). It was agreed that VSLAs can ably help the women to save and invest in various small scale businesses that would help them to meet some households needs.
A number of women were motivated and expressed interest to form the VSLA groups. One of the women, Esther Gondwe, explained that women in the area need support as they are struggling financially despite having the ability to turn the tables and improve their income at household level.
Thus, YONECO team in the district has planned to work hand in hand with Rumphi District Community Development Office in order to ensure that all the interested women are trained to establish VSLAs and business management skills.

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