In collaboration with community members around Mwanyama Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mponda in Mangochi district, we have facilitated the establishment of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre which currently has 14 learners of which nine are girls and five are boys.

The initiative is a result of an assessment which YONECO conducted in the area to identify various factors which contribute towards children’s failure to succeed in their studies and their lack of interest to enroll in primary school.

ECD, which also comprises Early Childhood Education (ECE), plays an integral role in improving and promoting the welfare of children.
ECD centres are places where children not only engage in educational activities, it is also a place where children get to engage in meaningful play which stimulates their physical, emotional and speech development.

Further to this, children also get to learn socially acceptable conduct, and continuously develop their intellectuality. Children have the right to education but evidently, not all children get to enjoy this right.

On their part, community members have expressed their commitment towards ensuring the sustainability of the initiative.

Currently, the ECD Centre requires proper infrastructure especially classrooms and play materials. In addition to this, we are also working around the clock to ensure that the centre has trained caregivers.


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