Violence Against Children (VAC) is among the factors that hinder the progress of many children in Malawi. Heartrendingly, one in five girls and one in seven boys experience sexual violence.
Thus, in our efforts towards ensuring that children are protected from such vices we raise awareness about the dangers of VAC and how it is manifested, strengthening the capacity of stakeholders and community systems to ably respond and prevent VAC. We also reach out to children with necessary information that is intended to help them to understand VAC and report such incidences.
Recently, YONECO conducted a VAC awareness session at Nsanje Catholic Primary School which is in the area of Traditional Authority Malemia. The session was attended by a total of 235 learners (123 boys and 112 girls). The activity was conducted in collaboration with officers from the District Social Welfare and Nsanje Police Victim Support Unit.
The Executive Director of YONECO, MacBain Mkandawire states that the approach helps to ensure that children should successfully transition into adulthood with a high level of integrity and a sense of responsibility.
“Preventing VAC starts with giving boys and girls enough information about the vice at a tender age so that they should grow up with the knowledge that violence is bad and it has no place in the society,” explains MacBain Mkandawire.

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