On 19 September, YONECO engaged men is various spaces to understand the factors that prevent them from participating in activities that are aimed at promoting gender equality and preventing Gender Based Violence (GBV) in their communities.

Most men indicated that they usually feel embarrassed as they are always perceived as people who are only capable of perpetrating violence. However, the men stated that they could also be part of the solution to the problem of gender imbalance and violence.

On the other hand, some men asserted that the government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) only focus on rights of women and children leaving men behind despite the fact that they also face various forms of GBV. In addition to this, the men claimed that they usually opt for divorce or, in the worst case scenario, suicide because their concerns are not given the necessary attention.

Thus, YONECO sensitized the men on best ways of dealing with GBV, the importance of reporting and seeking help.  The men were also made aware of various services which YONECO provide to all people including men and women.

The engagement sessions also focused on gender-related laws and YONECO presented the following statutes; the Gender Equality Act; Marriage Divorce Family Relations Act; as well as Child Care, Protection and Justice Act.

YONECO uses evidence-based programming in responding to issues that affect the youth, women and children in Malawi.


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