Over the years, the frequency and intensity of disasters has increased in Malawi. Disasters like storms, floods and short rainfall periods have led to an increase in the levels of vulnerability and many households are experiencing perennial food shortages. This scenario has further greatly affected the nutritional status of various vulnerable groups including people who are living with HIV.
In a bid to address such challenges, YONECO with support from Egmond Trust, supported a total of four youth support groups in the areas of Senzani, Matale, Manjawira and Chikhasu with small groundnuts grinders in October, 2021.
The groups have been running business of grinding and selling groundnuts flour. Through this venture, Senzani Youth Support Group managed to realize MK1,697 000.00 within a period of one year.
The youth support group has 22 members of which 9 are boys and 13 girls. The members of the group were earlier trained by YONECO in bookkeeping, business management and financial literacy. Thus, the group members have been ably utilizing the knowledge and skills which they acquired from the trainings.
On monthly basis, the group members share a certain percentage of the profit they make and some funds are saved in a bid to reinvest in other ventures. Currently, the group’s savings have reached MK1 697 000.00. At the moment, the group members are planning to venture into agribusiness particularly dairy farming.
The group members are very optimistic that such an investment would help them to be financially stable and independent as they further intend to ensure that each member should eventually own a private farm.
“The intervention has kept us busy and we have no time to indulge into immoral behaviors which would have put our health and other youth at risks, as such further transmission of HIV has been reduced as we are now able to meet our daily needs,” explained one of the youth club members.
YONECO implementing the interventions under Investing for the Impact of HIV and AIDS among Young People Project which is being financed by Egmond Trust.
So far, the project has also contributed towards human capital, mindset change and improved nutritional status of young people who are living with HIV in the targeted areas.

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