Career guidance sessions assist students to fulfil their dreams by helping them in making informed choices on what they want to become. The sessions help students to understand what it takes to accomplish their dreams at the same time give them a chance to seek advice on what they intend to do.

As YONECO, we believe that there is need to intensify career guidance sessions in schools to ensure that students are able to set and achieve their goals. As such, we conduct career guidance sessions in both primary and secondary schools across the country. On 9 November, 2022, our team in Mangochi conducted a career guidance session with Form 4 students at Mangochi CCAP Mission Secondary School.
The main objective of the session was to help the students prepare for the future and find the right career paths as they are about to move to the next stage of their lives.

Heartrendingly, the students who attended the session explained that many young people fail to choose an appropriate career path due to the fact that they have limited knowledge about various opportunities they can vie for.
The session was attended by 23 Form 4 students.


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