As schools are opening in areas that were affected by Cyclone Freddy in the southern region of Malawi, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have been living in evacuation camps that were established in schools are being relocated to other places.

In Mangochi districts, IDPs who were being accommodated in various primary schools around the municipality have been transferred to Mangochi Community Ground.

 Thus, on 21st April 2023, YONECO conducted a monitoring exercise at the newly established camp which is accommodating 95 households. In total, the camp has 44 under-five children who are at risk of contracting malaria due to mosquito infestation and lack of mosquito nets.

“We are calling on well-wishers to support us with treated mosquito nets so that we should protect our children from malaria,” explained one of the parents from the camp.

A number of assessments that YONECO has been conducting in various camps have also shown that the shortage of mosquito nets is a big challenge in all disaster-affected areas.

Malaria is particularly dangerous to children as they do not have the same defenses which adults have against this illness. Unlike adults that have grown up in endemic areas, children are yet to develop the necessary immunity to defend themselves against malaria.


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