The people of Traditional Authority (T/A) Khosolo Jere in Mzimba district have been encouraged to participate in natural regeneration activities in their areas to help restore the degraded landscape.

This message was conveyed during a visit by representatives from the International Centre of Research and Agroforestry (ICRAF), YONECO, and Total Land Care to some farmers who have already taken steps in the activities by establishing tree nurseries in their catchment areas.

The officers provided techniques on nursery establishment, management, and cooperation as part of the Sustainable Management of Landscape (SAMALA) Project being implemented in the area. The farmers were urged to source many seedlings for their nurseries and given the promise of learning grafting techniques to encourage them to create their own grafted trees.

Additionally, farmers were taught to plant trees that enrich the soil with nutrients, which would motivate them to get involved in agroforestry and further contribute to the restoration of the degraded landscapes in Khosolo. YONECO Officer for the area stressed the importance of involving many youth and women in the activities without restriction.

The officers visited a total of 11 nurseries in the Mapira, Chilibvumbo, Gwazeni, Chikondi, and Mbiko nurseries.


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