As the new academic calendar for primary schools is set to commence on 11 September 2023, we are finalizing our preparations to commence the implementation of ICT-based and child-directed adaptive learning which will be delivered to the students using tablets.

This is one of the interventions which YONECO is implementing alongside the Malawi government under Building Education Foundations Innovation and Technology (BEFIT). YONECO is focusing on Rumphi and Chitipa districts in a bid to improve the foundational literacy and numeracy skills of all primary school learners in standards 1 to 4.

Learners from the targeted districts are excited to start learning with the digital personalized learning solution on tablets, as it will be their first time experiencing this innovative approach.

BEFIT programme is closely aligned with the Malawi 2063 Agenda, which focuses on foundational learning for youth and digital skill development for students and teachers.


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