Wanangwa Kalua is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a major in Social Work at the University of Malawi. He joined YONECO as a Programs Intern at the Rumphi district office on September 4, 2023. In his role as a Programs Intern, Wanangwa has exhibited innovation, creativity, diligence, and a keen ability to articulate issues affecting youth, women, and children. He has actively contributed to the implementation of various programmatic interventions encompassing child protection and development, youth development, women’s economic empowerment, gender issues, governance and human rights, as well as climate change and disaster management activities. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in networking and collaborating with stakeholders.

As his internship at YONECO approaches to an end, he reflects on the significant importance of practical experience and the invaluable learning opportunities offered by the organization. This experience has played a crucial role in applying the Professional Capability Framework (PCF) domains, including professionalism, values & ethics, diversity, rights, justice & economic wellbeing, knowledge, critical reflection & analysis, intervention & skills, contexts & organizations, and professional leadership. It has provided him with practical insights into the real-world application of law, social work principles, theories, skills, and models.

“I extend my gratitude to the District Manager for the guidance and supervision provided throughout this internship. His insights and feedback have been invaluable, shaping my approach and refining my practice as a social work intern. My appreciation also goes to the entire team for their collaborative spirit, support, and encouragement. The collective efforts have undoubtedly contributed to a positive and enriching internship experience.”


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