Gender-Based Violence (#GBV) is a pervasive issue that hinders progress and the realization of socioeconomic rights for all people across the globe. This year’s16 Days of Activism against #GBV has started on a promising note with many districts reaffirming their commitment to eliminating the vice.

Today is the 11th day of the campaign, and we are pleased to have participated in the campaign launch events in Zomba, Nsanje, Mangochi and Rumphi districts. All in all, it is crucial to understand that addressing #GBV should not be a one-time effort, but rather an ongoing commitment that requires a sustained effort until it is no longer an issue.

Reporting cases of GBV plays a significant role in raising awareness, facilitating legal and disciplinary actions against perpetrators, and providing necessary support to survivors of the vice. In addition to other mechanisms, you can also use our confidential toll-free helplines (#5600, #116, and #6600) and they are all available 24 hours every day.

“Invest to prevent violence against women and girls”


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